We at EJ & Sons are a professional Moving Company. We understand that looking for a company that is providing moving services is overwhelming, and moving yourself is worse! This stressful situation should be outsourced to us, so that you can RELAX. We offer 24/7 service and the convenience of scheduling your own move.
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Contact us today! We are ready to serve you with all your related needs. We proudly serve the Lansing, MI area and ALL surrounding communities. We are ready now.
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Movers Services In Lansing MI

So, you’ve decided to move. This can be an overwhelming task for even die hard movers. You know, the people that wouldn’t even consider hiring a movers service. Think about all the “stuff” that you have accumulated over the years. Dishes, plates, pots, pans, mugs, cups, and the thing you bought on QVC that you couldn’t live without… that cuts your potatoes is 15 different shaped slices… and we haven’t even left the kitchen yet. You have bed rooms full of precious memories, spare rooms filled with drawers of grandpas stuff from years and years ago. You have heavy things like desks and a pool table, large items like mattresses… Do you really want to try bending those around the hallway then carry them up or down a flight of stairs! Then there is the garage… tools, extension cords, boxes of nails and screws. There’s the riding lawn mower, the canoe, the 5 bicycles… are you starting to get the picture? Even under the best circumstances, pretending to offer movers services is NOT something that is worth your time. You are great a number of things. But being professional movers… not so much.

Good news. We at EJ & Sons ARE a professional movers service. We can do this in our sleep. We have been doing it for over 20 years. Seriously, we are really good at this and we actually even enjoy it. We know, its okay to roll your eyes, but this is what we do. We have reduced this down to a science and mastered the process. So go ahead. Relax. Leave the heavy lifting to us. After all, we ARE the Movers & we do offer a Movers Service. Give us a Call!

EJ & Sons Moving Service has been offering professional moving services to Lansing, Farmington Hills, Southfield, and Novi, MI and the surrounding areas for over 20 years. We are family owned and operated moving company, and offer our customers the convenience of scheduling their own move, 24/7. We offer free estimates on all our moving services, guarantee quality service, and are extra ­careful handling and preserving the quality of all our clients possessions during the moving process.

Convenient, Flat-Rate Pricing Moving at Any Time, to Any Place in the Continental US – Even Florida and California!

Contact us today! We proudly serve the Lansing, MI area and ALL surrounding communities. 24/7 Commercial and Residential Services.

EJ & Sons Moving did a great job with our move. We first contacted them after normal business hours and someone actually answered(think it was even the owner). We scheduled a move for the very next day. They were very professional and felt like they respected our things. Would definitely recommend!
John S.

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